The road of being organic inside out

Amaryllis Wellness

Posted on March 23 2017



Amaryllis Wellness Sdn Bhd (Amaryllis) has been established since 2010 and offers Spa services in Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur. From that ADANIA was born on the year of 2013 and has been famously known not just as a regular product but a product that contains no chemical and made out of 100% natural ingredients. ADANIA practices healthy from inside, different from other products that practices instant beauty. On 26th May 2016, ADANIA proudly announce MizzNina as product Ambassador. ADANIA has started made its journey at Metrojaya and Parkson throughout Malaysia including East Malaysia. Not just that, it can be also be found at online retailer such as VivaQueenBee, Fashion Valet, Lazada, PurelyB, Hello Deer, Koyara and Shopee.

Amaryllis will be launching GAYA under ADANIA brand and it will be called as GAYA by ADANIA. Part of GAYA will be using natural material to make the shawls. GAYA in Malay means style, ways, skills and how it’s styled. GAYA and ADANIA carries the same concept, except for GAYA will enter Fashion Industry in Malaysia. In parallel with ADANIA, we wants nature lovers to feel how garments are made out from natural materials. Eco Fashion has a concept when one’s styled it will shows the person’s identity and own character. Every garment will reflect the personality of the wearer in different ways. We believe that not only skincare can give people realization but also in Fashion Industry. Women will never run far from beauty and fashion and that is why we choose this Industry to expand our business.

GAYA will be launching its own apparel and 2 range of shawls, which are organic material and shawls inspired by nature. Eco Fashion is not just a fashion but there are lot of other factors we need to think about to make it eco and one of it is minimise wastage.

We are very choosy on the fabric and design created. Every design created are from our own creation. One of our philosophy is by using an environmental friendly material and easy to recycle. Every extra and leftovers fabric will be recycled into porch and eye mask.

Not just that, GAYA will also launch 2 ranges of shawl that are organic and satin silk especially for nature lovers. For starter we will only launches 2 types of organic and 7 designs of nature inspired satin silk. The designs will unleashes one’s character and makes the wearer confident with their selves.

GAYA organic range uniqueness’s are its fabric is anti-fungal, environmental friendly and it’s biodegradable. Not just that, wearer will not feel that warm. GAYA is based on nature’s design and uses pastel colours. One of GAYA’s advantage is the more you keep it, the more valuable it becomes. Every design created is limited and have its own story behind.

GAYA created not just to enter Fashion Industry but also for the future and next generation. One day, GAYA will stand tall as ADANIA.

In conjunction of ASIA ISLAMIC FASHION WEEK (AIFW 2017), GAYA will launch together with a fashion show introducing the first batch of GAYA collection. We will be also opening ADANIA and GAYA booth, where visitors can come by and buy ADANIA and GAYA’s shawl, but as for the garments, we only opens for Pre-Order. Our target market are from medium to high end. We want to be known internationally and be familiar with other international brands. We hope nature lovers will remember ADANIA and also GAYA together.

GAYA has also started its second contest, where Instagram users need to follow @gayaadania and all they need to do is Repost any picture from GAYA’s Instagram and write a caption why they want to win GAYA’s Collection. So easy!

Be among the first to Pre-Order GAYA’s collection, it is LIMITED for 100 pieces ONLY. Click on this link Happy viewing and shopping!

Not just ADANIA and GAYA by ADANIA’s followers are excited about GAYA’s launch, but we at Amaryllis Wellness are so too!