Your Weekly Regime For Naturally Healthy Skin

Amaryllis Wellness

Posted on December 01 2016


Have you ever feel like even if you have wash your face daily, use the most suitable skincare and take really good care of that skin of yours, but still there are some more problems left? a bit of acne here and there or some appearance of whitehead and blackhead on top of the nose? Seriously, we have that too and it's perfectly normal :)

However, we do agree that although it is normal, but it can surely make us feel unsatisfied right? Like we already did everything but the skin doesn't seem to cooperate like how we want it to be. So, this is where we would like to help you out ! Apart from daily washing and misting and putting on face oil or moisturizer, we need to also do maintenance once or twice a week. That is the one thing that most people forget to do but will affect their skin significantly.



First thing that we always recommend is for you guys to exfoliate the skin. Exfoliate ! Exfoliate ! Exfoliate ! This is the main key to a healthier skin. Exfoliating allows newer skin cells to develop in a healthy, clean environment because we already remove the dead skin cells which interrupts the skin renewal process. You can use any types of exfoliator but we suggest for you to use a natural scrub. Adania Face Loofah is the best when it comes to gently cleaning out dead skin cells. Our Face Loofah is one of the Bestseller because it is naturally made from plants, it can clean the pores gently and will leave your skin extra soft and smooth after every scrub session. You will need to only use it twice a week while washing the face with soap or lessen it to once a week if you have dry or sensitive skin. It is so easy and convenient to use ! *Note: avoid acne area when using the loofah as it can irritate the acne


Next, you will need to do a bit of steaming. Steaming the face will not only freshen up your complexion but will enlarge the pores to bring out all the gunk that has been trapped inside the pores. Sebums, dirts,oils and bacteria are the source of acne, whitehead and blackhead. When you steam the face, all of these gunk will be brought out and remove. It is also easier to remove blackhead and whitehead after steaming because these tiny bad guys will be soften up by the heat of the steam. Apart from that, it also helps in flushing out toxins from your skin so you will feel more fresh, clean and a healthier glowing complexion will be seen after the treatment. We suggest for you to add on a few drops of either our Tea Tree Essential Oil or Luxurious Organic Face Oil into a basin filled with hot water and steam your face for around 10-15 minutes. Organic oils will bring more benefits to your skin as it will treat blemishes and fight off bacteria as well. It can also make your skin relax and feel more fresh as the oils has anti-stress properties to soothe the skin.


After you have done with Exfoliating and Steaming, it is best to use a Face Clay Mask. This will work wonders in improving the skin texture, making it soft, super clean and glowing. Face Clay helps in absorbing all impurities that are already soften and brought out after the steaming process. It will detox the skin because clay is known to function as a magnet that can attract dirt, excess oil, excess sebum, chemicals, toxins and heavy metals that are trapped in the skin. Therefore, it heals the skin gently and effectively. Adania has three types of Face Clay which is suitable for sensitive and dry skin (Creme Ivory), normal skin (Nude Beige) and oily skin (Olive Green) in which we really recommend everyone to try because it is 100% natural and will help with skin healing.


When you are done with all the three steps, spray on our Jasmine Bloom Face and Body Mist or Absolute Rose Refreshing Mist to tighten and closed back the pores. Massage Adania's Luxurious Organic Face Oil all around the face and neck area as the final step and that's it ! So simple right? But trust us, if you do this every week, you will notice a difference in your complexion :)

Do try this with Adania Products and experience our home-spa facial treatments every week as your weekly regime to get that naturally healthy skin.