[STILL OPEN] ADANIA Zero To Hero Distributors Program

Anna Shamsul

Posted on January 11 2019




More and more individuals are into the idea of having their own start-up business. Their purposes also varies. Some are doing it for the common reason, to generate more income. While some are doing it for the passion and their high interest to share something they are passionate about with others around.
But for whichever reason you are getting yourself into your own business, just one goal/purpose is never enough. One can't just solely focus on monetary benefits. Because then, you will be deemed as less passionate about what you are doing. And so does vice versa. One can't just solely focuses on their passion/interest and forgets about the monetary benefits. Because then, it would not be called as a business. But a charity.


So how to start, sustain and survive in the business world? When we look at bigger names in the business industry, we can't help but to feel awe and amazed. We must have been thinking that "they are big names. They have the budget to do anything as they please". But do bear in mind, even bigger companies started somewhere. Even bigger names once had their share of hardships when they first started running on their business. So, how did they evolve? How did they get so big and succeed?


For 2019, ADANIA would love to achieve another milestone in the beauty scene. And that is to coach any passionate individuals whom would love to start up their own business. Especially in the beauty industry. 


We are looking for a few interested individuals to join in our Zero To Hero Distributors Program. This program is all about coaching-training on how to start up your small business, despite any current career you are on. The duration of this program is from 17 January till 17 February 2019. The program will only took place online and actual physical workshop will be conducted once, on 2 March 2019.

From 17 January till 17 February 2019, coaching sessions will be conducted online. You will be getting in touch directly with ADANIA team-family.

We will also list down the FAQ regarding the Zero To Hero Distributors Program for you to check out below :


Q : What is Zero To Hero Distributors Program?
A : It's a program on which we recruit a few selected participants who are interested to know how to start up their own beauty business. Specifically with ADANIA (natural-organic brand). We shall train-coach you in many aspects of a beauty business, effective communication and how to sustain-survive in the new era of business.


Q : Who can join this program? Is there any minimum age requirement?
A : Everyone are welcomed to join. It is open to both men and women. There is no minimum age requirement. Even if you're still studying, you can always start your own business. It's just a matter of study-work balance. *wink*


Q : Is there any fees required for the Zero To Hero Distributors Program? Umm may I also know in details what the fees are for and what will it be used for? *sweating*
A : Yes there is a fee. But fret not, the fee you are paying is for the introductory products you will receive and other goodies-benefits for this program as well. We want you to test out and experience these products yourself. 


Q : How much is the fee do I need to pay to join the Zero To Hero Distributors Program?
A : For the first 100 participants, fee is only RM399. But afterwards, fee will be RM454.60 (excluding any shipment cost). 
For RM399 only, you will receive these products/benefits worth RM912 in total :


Products (worth RM462)
1 ) Sweet Orange Face Cleanser Travel Size
2 ) Pure Lavender Face Cleanser Travel Size
3 ) Luxurious Organic Face Oil Travel Size
4 ) Rose Divine Hydrating / Absolute Rose Pore Refining Face Mist
5 ) Creme Ivory Australian Clay Travel Size
6 ) Olive Green Australian Clay Travel Size
7 ) Blue Sea Algae Healing Mask Travel Size
8 ) Red Velvet Australian Clay Travel Size
9 ) Natural Scrubber Face Loofah
10 ) Pure Soap
11 ) Charcoal Eucalyptus 2 in 1 Soap
12 ) Botanical Brightening Soap
13 ) Very Berry Lip Conditioner (Plain)
14 ) BAU Lost in the Dessert (Miniature tester)
15 ) BAU Misty Fjord (Miniature tester)  


Program Starter Kit (worth RM450)
1 ) ADANIA membership card
With 20% off on ADANIA FACE SPA & AECO
Birthday Treats
Events Discount
2 ) ADANIA Ebook
3 ) ADANIA Coaching ZTH Telegram & Workshop
4 ) 20% off for all ADANIA products (purchase next via your group)
5 ) ADANIA Tote Bag
6 ) ADANIA Car Sticker
7 ) ADANIA Family File


Q : How to register/sign up for the Zero To Hero Distributors Program?
A : We have a few options for you to choose from. If you're already an ADANIA dropship, agent, vendor etc and would like to participate, you may get in touch with your ADANIA Master Wholesaler (MW). But if you're new, never had any experience with business, still a newbie in ADANIA, you may get in touch directly with HQ. Below are the HQ contact person you can reach (WhatsApp) :

Anna +601156900395 ( or click H E R E )
Izzah +60178866794



Q : Will there be a certificate given for this program?
A : Yes definitely! A certificate will be given out to each participant once they have successfully completed the program.


Q : When is the last date I can join this program?
A : Since this program will start on 17 January 2019, we strongly suggest for you to contact us and join before 17 Jan 2019. 


Q : Is it compulsory to attend the physical workshop on 2 March 2019?
A : Yes definitely! For any changes of workshop date or venue, we shall inform you.


Make 2019 your year! 













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