Our Spa Treatments in Adania Face Spa

Black Caviar Hydration Facial (Hydration & Moisturization) RM 388
Our Black Caviar Hydration Facial will hydrate even the driest of skin. Black Caviar caters for those with dry, flaky skin and this facial helps a lot in hydrating until the deepest layer of skin. The benefits from Pure Lavish Caviar is great to plump the skin, feed your skin with good nutrients and make it flawless naturally.


Infinite Lift Facial with Gold Dust (Lifting & Reduce Signs of Aging) RM 488
Who doesn't like gold right? Our gold dust is sparkly and can make your skin shine instantly. You'll be treated with pure gold dust which will improve blood circulation, alongside being massage to lift and reduce all the sagging and wrinkle skin.


Pearl Brightening Power Facial (Brightening & Even Out Skin Tone) RM 298
Imagine your skin glowing brighter than ever. This facial uses pure pearl, which is not just lavish but will make your skin extremely smoother and softer. Using concentrated rosehip seed oil, jojoba pure oil with geranium as a booster to make your skin even brighter after the facial.


Honey Enzyme Facial (Soothing & Calming)  RM 298
This facial uses powerful organic honey to keep your skin soothe and calm. It will amazingly enhance your skin texture, making it softer and radiant naturally. This treatment also uses a mix of lavender oil and chamomile oil to ensure that your sensitive skin will get the best treatment without any irritation and discomfort feeling. No more worries about redness every time you have facial treatments.


Charcoal Purify Facial (Oily & Acne Prone) RM 198
This treatment brings the goodness of charcoal to your skin. It helps a lot to absorb all excess sebum and make your skin incredibly clean! Charcoal can also cure acne or other skin problems as well. Using rosemary, lavender and tea tree concentrated oil, it will help your skin by making it smooth, radiant and healthy.


Corrective Eye Treatment with Camellia Oil (Eye Radiance) RM 129
If you have eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles around the eye area, this treatment will be suitable for you. It will help increase blood circulation which will then improve the appearance around the eye area. The camellia oil will help in reducing wrinkles and early signs of aging around the eyes.