ADANIA Absolute Rose Pore Refining Face Mist

RM68.00 MYR

 "True love stories never ends"

It is the same for our love for face mist. The ol' new Absolute Rose Face Mist is making a come back! But this time around with all new scent and added skin caring benefit!

If you keep hearing about face mist but unsure what the hype is all about, here are some of the reasons on why face mist is all the rage right now (especially when it comes to our new Absolute Rose Pore Refining Face Mist)

🌿 Face mist replaces your traditional toner on which you have to dab/apply with a cotton pad. With face mist, you saves a lot on cotton pad every month.

🌿 No stinging sensation. Normal toner may leave a stinging sensation when you applied them. This is due to the alcohol content. But with a face mist, stinging sensation is not a requirement! Say goodbye to stinging skin now.

🌿 Since it has the same benefits of a toner, it also helps with your pores! It refines your pores, making it less noticeable.

🌿 You can spray your face mist any time and any where just to freshen up your complexion & face.

🌿 A face mist before moisturizer-face oil helps to make the moisturizer-face oil absorb better and effectively. 

🌿 Our face mist helps calm and soothe the skin. Whether you have dry, oily, combination or even sensitive skin, Absolute Rose Pore Refining Face Mist will give you the skin caring benefits you need.


Direction: Spray after face wash as a toner or any time of the day for a more refresh complexion. For the best result, apply after every face wash.

Ingredients: Aqua (water), Rose Absolute, Gluconolactone, Sodium Benzoate

Minima usage estimation : Up to 4 months

Volume: 100ml/3.38 fl oz.

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