ADANIA Jasmine Bloom Face & Body Mist

RM50.00 MYR


Refreshing, Brighten & Maintain

Suitable For: Normal to matured or sensitive skin

Body and face mist that leaves your skin gentle, soft and fresh all day long! This mist can be sprayed on the body to moisturize it and keep odours at bay. It functions in refreshing the skin and make it glow apart from tightening the skin. This face mist helps in reducing the pore size and control the oil and sebum production. It also helps in keeping makeup to stay even longer and preventing it from looking cakey.

Direction: Use after bath/washing the face. Gently wipe the face and spray 4 – 5 times on the entire face and body, making sure to spray out a little more so that the mist covers the whole surface. Can be used anytime and frequently. Tips: spray after applying makeup for a moist or glowing and natural look.

Active Ingredients: Aqua (Water), Jasminum grandiflorum flower oil (Jasmine)

Minima Usage Estimation: Up to 4 months

Volume: 100ml/3.38 fl oz

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